TICSI Training Accreditation

TICSI Training Accreditation has been developed in such a way that an individual trainer/facilitator as well as a company’s training courses can be accredited. This enables them to be accredited by a leading International industry expert. The TICSI Training Accreditation Guidelines are based upon Philip Forrest’s 5Ps of Service Quality Model and the Accreditation support is provided by TICSI’s Global Partnership network.

The objective of the TICSI Training Accreditation is to reward organisations who actively highlight the importance of customer service education of their employees in order to improve the customer service standards and to develop a customer service culture within the organisation. Having a customer service culture embedded in an organisation will help in a continuous improvement of service delivery and drive long term customer loyalty.

Trainer/Facilitator TICSI Accreditation

A trainer/facilitator who undergoes the Accreditation process will have a thorough understanding of the TICSI 5Ps model of customer service. They will receive a certificate from TICSI if they complete the course successfully. In addition to this it will enable the trainer/facilitator to develop future customer service training programmes within the organisation. A company with TICSI Accredited trainers/facilitators is in a good position to develop a customer service culture amongst its staff.

Training Course TICSI Accreditation

Having a TICSI Accredited Training programme does not only present a company with an endorsement from an International thought leader in Customer Service but it also ensures an organisation is abiding by the Standards set out in the 5Ps model. TICSI guarantees that Accredited Training Programmes enhance the performance of Customer Facing Staff. This creates a blueprint for success by fostering a customer service culture throughout your organisation, with the end goal of improving bottom line financial performance.

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