The Benefits of The International Standard for Service Excellence 2018

The benefits of implementing The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE 2018) are multi-faceted. In essence, seeking to complete the virtuous circle, developing a valuable customer experience to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer retention sustain higher levels of customer loyalty and continuously contribute to the growing operational and financial effectiveness of the organisation.

The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE 2018) provides the following benefits to organisations, departments and Governments to improve the customer experience they provide.

  1. The standard is based on a proven customer experience management model that has been successfully applied by national and international organisations for over 25 years
  2. TISSE 2018 clearly identifies the key areas of organisational activity that must be simultaneously managed to deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience.
  3. Because every organisation is different the customer experience management model is infinitely flexible to suit the unique needs of every organisation while remaining within the bounds of a global standard.
  4. TISSE2018 is a generic platform which can be applied in every customer-focused organisation regardless of culture, industry and size.
  5. TISSE2018 can be used for all organisations that have customers (public and private), no matter whether the customer is an end user consumer or business customer.
  6. Organisations implementing TISSE2018 can go through implementation by function or department or as an organisation as a whole. Implementation can be for a single location or multiple locations and branches.
  7. TISSE2018 can be implemented and used independently or simultaneously with any management system already in place within the organisation. TISSE2018 will complement any well-structured and properly managed quality management system.
  8. As customer experience management priorities evolve the standard can be infinitely adapted to address the changing needs of the market
  9. The standard has the potential to engage every part of the organisation in understanding their role in the delivery of an upper quartile customer experience
  10. TISSE 2018 creates a diagnostic platform by which the performance of other organisations either upstream or downstream in the supply chain can be monitored.


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