Implementation and Measurement Process

TISSE audits performance across the 5P's and Measurement and Results and applies a score to each section.

Policies 100
Premises/Environment 100
Products /Services 200
Processes 100
People 200
Measurement of Performance 200
Performance Results 100
Total Points 1000

The auditor must evaluate scale of implementation of at least one criterion per department/ division/section/ unit according to scoring tables by evaluating whether the criteria has been implemented in 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the departments/ divisions/ sections/ units covered in the scope.

The scores achieved for each department/division/ section/unit are then added and averaged to get the final score applicable for the assessed criterion.

Alternatively the grid above can help auditors determine the overall implementation score. For example: If a criterion has been documented (25% from the above table) within 75% of the departments, the score given for this criterion would be 50%.

A second dimension scoring is added to ensure that the quality of evidence is also scored and it will effect the final results of the criteria over all scoring.


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