TICSI Academy

The International Customer Service Institute has developed a portfolio of E-Learning courses by launching TICSI Academy.

TICSI Academy is an E-Learning suite that offers courses and diplomas related purely to customer service. The courses are relative to a wide range of industries and can be accessed anytime and anywhere at the student's convenience.

It is also the first of its kind e-learning portal which specializes in individual training and certification in customer service.

Courses will be delivered through a variety of multimedia channels such as traditional e-learning, streaming video, simulations, etc. and engage the student with rich content and interactive interface. All of this is complimented with the ability to save and track your progress to create a learning media that suits your needs.

All of the courses can be taken for FREE with a small payment required to generate an Internationally Accredited Certificate.

Why TICSI Academy?

  • Completion of a course or diploma will provide students with an Internationally recognised certificate, as all courses are accredited by The International Customer Service Institute
  • Improve your job prospects
  • The TICSI Academy Portal accommodates your preferences and needs - it's student-centric
  • Courses are accessible based around your schedule
  • Learning is self-paced (not too slow, not too fast)
  • Courses are available 24/7
  • Study at home, work, or on the move
  • Choose from a wide range of customer service courses to meet your needs
  • The TICSI Academy portal through forums makes collaboration among students much easier
  • User friendly interface engrosses the student rather than intimidates the user

TICSI Academy Courses

e-Learning students can benefit from taking the following courses through the TICSI Academy:

  1. Leadership and Employee Motivation
  2. Client Relationship Management
  3. Telesales
  4. Retail Sales
  5. Banking Sales
  6. Professional Call Centre Agent
  7. Professional Service Executive
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Written Communication
  10. Body Language
  11. Verbal Communication
  12. Interacting with Colleagues

For more information on the TICSI Academy, download the TICSI Academy brochure.