Partnership of The International Customer Service Institute

The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) has developed a range of innovative customer service solutions including The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE2012), the only global standard in customer service excellence, with the aim to set the common ground for high quality customer service in all international markets.

TICSI, with offices in London and Dubai, is represented worldwide through an international partnership network. There are a range of partnership agreements that an organisation has the option of undertaking which depends on the area of implementation they would like to be responsible for, or if it would like to act as a certification body.

Regional Certification Partners (RCPs) have the exclusive rights to certify companies against TISSE2012 within a specified geographical region. This exclusivity provides certification companies with potentially very large revenue streams. RCPs also have a vital responsibility in identifying potential Licensed Partners within their exclusive geographical region. They are also required to help market TICSI materials and online solutions on a commission based structure with TICSI.

Regional TICSI Partners (RTP) is a company that undertakes all aspects (Research/Measurement, Training and Consulting) of a TISSE2012 Implementation process. An RTP will also undertake the marketing and selling of TICSI Materials & Software in order to raise the profile of TICSI within their exclusive geographic region. The greater the reputation of TICSI will subsequently increase the RTP's revenue streams.

All TICSI Partners are required to have in depth expertise and experience in particular areas of customer service, in order to provide their clients with the best professional guidance possible on their way to customer service excellence.

An example of the TICSI Partnership and Client structure of a Region is as follows: