Measuring and Improving the Customer Experience - 26th Sep 2018

11am GMT

Wednesday 26th September 2018


In this webinar, we will explore two key themes for creating CEX success. How and when to measure the customer experience, and how to drive customer experience improvement using feedback.


In the first part of the webinar, we will cover all the basic requirements of an effective customer experience measurement programme.

How and when to measure the customer experience?

  • Understanding there are two types of feedback – Solicited / Unsolicited
  • Linking feedback to the customer journey
  • Using transactional and/or relationship surveys
  • What do we need to measure? – CSAT, Customer Effort and NPS
  • What other questions should we ask?
  • When and how do we ask for feedback?  
  • Importance of creating and having a valid sample of customer

Most organisations (around 85%) conduct some form of customer satisfaction measurement but only a small proportion (1 in 5) are good at creating a return for this investment by driving change through the organisation. In the second part of the Webinar we will look at how this can be achieved:


How to drive improvement using feedback

  • Using feedback alerts and closed loop feedback process
  • Process /question response owners
  • Using Solicited / Unsolicited feedback effectively
  • Benchmarking internally and externally
  • Setting targets for improvement
  • Engaging teams in improvement activities

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