Robert Keay

Robert Keay was previously Director of Aegis Marketing with specific responsibility for the Quality and Customer Service Division. Prior to this, Robert spent 3 years with Europe's leading car company Audi Volkswagen and was solely responsible for developing an after-sales brand named Quantum. He was also heavily involved in the development and implementation of the company's Customer Comes the First programme in 1987. Prior to this Robert was the Land Rover Project Director for the launch of Range Rover in the USA.

Robert set up Ethos consultancy in 1995 in the UK and proceeded to develop many market leading process and customer management systems for some of the UK's blue chip organisations and government departments. In 1999, Robert produced for British Standards Institution (BSI) a Process Guide, for the launch of ISO 9001:2000, which was then sent to over 35,000 organisations globally by BSI.

In 2003, Robert set up Ethos Consultancy in Dubai and the organisation has since become the leading Customer Service Management Consultancy firm in the Middle East.

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Below is a video of Robert talking at the Service Olympian Awards 2016:

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