Who We Are

The International Customer Service Institute is a global professional membership organisation for individuals and organisations engaged in the delivery of customer service, it offers knowledge, guidance and cooperation to its worldwide membership through a range of operational standards, educational services and performance improvement tools.

Founded in 2006 by Robert Keay and Philip Forrest both with extensive international experience in the design, development and delivery of strategic programmes that have improved the service quality performance of major organisations in Europe, USA, Asia and The Middle East.

The founders recognised the need in the global economy for a global forum for individuals and organisations both formally and informally to access information, knowledge, skills, technology and benchmarking facilities from one central hub which now enables members to access the means to improve performance through

  • Sharing Experiences and Knowledge Freely and Openly
  • Measuring Performance and Customer Journey Maps            
  • Accessing a Global Professional Standard
  • Receiving Independent Internationally Recognised Certification
  • Benchmarking Performance Against Other Organisations
  • Developing Individual Leadership, Management and Operational Skills and Qualifications
  • Understanding Customer and Employee Happiness

All services are delivered either on line or via a growing international network of Approved Territory Partners in The Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. 


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