Why We Exist

Customer Service is an imperative for every organisation. By some estimates there are around 120 million companies of all sizes in the world. If an average of only five employees in all of those organisations were engaged in face to face service delivery that means that 600 million people spend their days looking after customers and excludes those who would be involved within the philosophical viewpoint that service delivery is, to a greater or lesser degree, the responsibility of every employee. Given that it is estimated that there are 3.5 billion people in work in the world it is reasonable to assume that over 17.5% of the world’s workforce is engaged directly in delivering a positive experience to their customers.

Given that customers are the only source of revenue for an organisation the nurturing of such an vital resource is an imperative for everyone engaged in leading, managing and delivering the customer experience and for them there needs to be a specialist global forum.

In a world where technology is disruptively driving rapid change in a trend that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future the balance of power continues to move in favour of the customer. Organisations that manage that power transition through the highest standards of service excellence for the mutual benefit of the customer , the supply chain and the organisation will be the most successful. Many of the traditional customer engagement processes are already redundant and new thought is required to address new challenges as the shape of the new paradigm emerges. Therein the needs for leadership foresight, practical management tools and effective delivery capabilities for a new era are established.


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