Partnership Criteria

TICSI will assess potential partnerships on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Commitment to service excellence
    We look for partners who are committed to high standard of service quality within all their business activities and practice an exceptional customer service.

  • Strive to create a customer focus environment
    We look for partners who share our passion in raising awareness of the importance of customer driven business approach, leading and striving to create a customer focus business environment at regional and as well as international level.

  • Experience with global standards
    We look for partners that use and acknowledge the importance of global standards in service quality and demonstrate a high level of understanding their usage and contribution to the success of the business.

  • Expertise in customer service
    We look for partners who can provide our clients with professional and practical guidance on most aspects of customer service excellence.

  • Capability of providing the best independently and respecting team values
    Ability to find a balance between managing a region's demand for customer service expertise and acting as a committed and supportive part of an international group.

Organisations, who meet the specific criteria, can demonstrate an ability and commitment to achieve objectives shared with TICSI, will find that TICSI offers its partners an unprecedented opportunity to increase service/product portfolio with lower risk and to make in-roads into key markets of potential clients while enhancing their visibility and reputation worldwide in service excellence.

Organisations with experience and expertise in business improvement and an interest in service excellence may want to find out more about how to become Regional Certification Partners (RCPs) or Regional TICSI Partners (RTPs).

Please contact us to initiate further discussion about how your expertise and business motivation can result in a successful cooperation through our partnership opportunity:

If you believe your organisation meets the above criteria and would benefit from extending your expertise in customer service excellence, then we invite you to contact us detailing your current focus of business and experience in customer service.