Benefits of TICSI Partnership

Through TICSI, partner organisations will become part of a world class brand that is recognised for the high standards in international customer service.

  1. Presents an opportunity to widen the product/service portfolio with lower risk and investment than developing an own product/service, and helps expand the market share and business revenue.
  2. Offers all of the benefits of being the part of a globally recognised customer service expertise group, which helps partners reinforce local as well as international recognition in the field of customer service excellence towards.
  3. The ability to take advantage of a worldwide network of customer service professionals sharing best practices, initiating discussions and improving own service quality.
  4. Creates opportunities for further improvement of competences and skills and widen the knowledge in the field of customer service excellence.

How to become a TICSI Partner

The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) seeks partners whose vision is compatible with its commitment to the high standards of service quality and share the following goals:

TICSI is committed to encouraging and supporting all of its partners at Regional and International levels. To become a partner, please click here.

Alternatively if you would like some more information on partnerships, please email